Space management, flexible application

Centralized single power cord with power recharge & supply,orderly organize & manage infusion line.

The number of channels can be freely arranged, 3-18 channels can easily meet clinical needs.

Excess pumps can be easily plugged off for the use of other beds, to improve equipment usage rate.

Intelligent Cascade Connection, Safe Infusion

Pumps can be easily plugged and unplugged, rearranged to use freely.

Single-pump drug infusion sequence can be set easily by dragging on PAD.

Automatic continuous infusion to reduce the risk of dressing interval.

Database Management & Information Interconnected

Wi-Fi configuration, connect with MDK infusion central monitoring system to implement centralized monitoring.

Mufti-dimensional display of infusion log statistics data for easy downloading, support for drug and consumable library management.

Single pump alarm workstation is associated with the synchronized amplified signal, and the PAD displays the running status of the single pump.

The infusion information collection system can be connected to the central monitoring station of intravenous infusion, and the hospital HIS system, nurse station, etc.
Fulfilling the integration of clinical information data.

Infusion logs can be downloaded via Wi-Fi.

Network connection can be integrated with HIS,nursing system, etc.